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Middel & Partners has a dedicated accounting department, specialising in comprehensive accounting services for small and medium sized entities.  This department ensures that businesses are kept abreast of their financial state, and comply with relevant accounting standards, including the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).

Our in-house accounting services include:

  • Processing and record keeping of financial transactions for small and medium sized entities, including: companies, owner-managed businesses, close corporations, trusts, sole proprietors and partnerships;
  • Comprehensive accounting function from preparation of accounting records from source documentation through to trial balances and financial statements;
  • Monthly maintenance and processing of financial records and transactions including: bank reconciliation’s, general ledger maintenance and preparation of management accounts;
  • Assisting clients with VAT and PAYE calculations. Providing advice on the structuring of salary packages as well as compliance to the VAT Act;
  • Assisting clients with the submission and calculation of regulatory forms and declarations, these include normal tax returns, VAT and PAYE returns, UIF database updates, COIDA returns and Skills Development Plans;
  • Assisting with the e-filing of tax returns once the financial statements have been completed;
  • Preparation of budgets and monthly management accounts; Advice relating to actual results against budgeted targets and possible remedial action if required;
  • Cost effective accounting services to ensure regulatory compliance and efficient and reliable access to the business results of your organisation.

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