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Commercial Audit

Stringent regulatory requirements on audits add increasing pressure on management. Understanding these requirements helps to smooth the audit process. Middel & Partners provides quality audit services for organisations for statutory or regulatory reasons.  We listen to your needs, analyse business implications and tailor our approach accordingly. Our audit professionals regularly communicate with your team to ensure cohesion in both auditing and business analysis.

Over time the firm has gained valuable insight and experience in auditing large to medium sized businesses over a wide spectrum of sectors. This means that we understand your business within an industry context. We can help you identify major risks or opportunities in addition to the traditional financial reporting function. 

Our partner-led team of audit specialists and technical experts provide the following Assurance services:

  • Audits and reviews of private and listed companies
  • Audits in accordance with the PFMA and MFMA
  • Internal control reviews and risk assessments
  • Agreed-upon procedure reports and special reporting
  • New accounting standard implementation
  • Forensic accounting and dispute resolution
  • Audit of retirement funds
  • Audit of NGO's and related organisations

Public Sector Audit

Middel & Partners involvement with public sector assignments dated back to 2006. Since then we have acquired invaluable knowledge of the workings and challenges faced by Government. Our dedicated teams are located in five of the Provinces, close to the major administrative cities in which Government institutions reside, an advantage when cost factors are considered and in line with Government’s cost curbing initiative.

Our public sector professionals are dedicated to providing specialised services to all spheres of Government, including:
•    Departments – National and Provincial;
•    Public entities – Schedule 3A, B, C and D;
•    Municipalities and Municipal Entities

We can also provide assistance with the following public sector audit services

  • Statutory Audit

    Middel & Partners have extensive experience in conducting statutory audits in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA).

    As the supreme auditing institution of South Africa, the Auditor General (AGSA) is mandated with the task of completing most of the public sector’s statutory audits. AGSA in conjunction with private auditing firms fulfil this mandate to assess whether the financial statements of the organisations are free from material misstatement.

    Our statutory audits in the public sector include financial, performance and compliance audits.

  • Financial Audits

    Financial audits focus on determining whether an entity’s financial information is presented in accordance with an applicable financial reporting framework, which requires an in-depth knowledge of the specific framework applicable to the organisation.

    The different spheres of Government present their financial information in accordance with the frameworks listed below.  A risk based audit methodology is utilised, in order to focus our audit efforts on significant risk areas and to advise the client accordingly.  The knowledge obtained during the statutory audit of a client will provide us with a unique position to offer value-added services to these organisations.

  • Performance Audits

    A focus area for Government; whether its structures and entities created is fulfilling their mandate and reaching their objectives.  Achieving objectives by Government is an ever-increasing challenge, formulating sound objectives and accurate reporting on these achievements is fundamental to measure its success and areas for improvements.

    Performance audits, as part of the statutory audit, require an understanding of the principles of performance management: work planning, on-going feedback, mid-point review, and end of year appraisal.  We conduct exercises to determine whether the strategic plans, budgets and annual performance indicators are in line with each other.  We perform evaluations to determine if indicators and targets as designed by the Government organisations comply with the requirements of the Framework for Managing Programme Performance Information (FMPPI) commonly known as “usefulness” assessment. In addition to review the Performance Management System, which has a direct correlation to the evidence presented for reporting and audit purposes (reliability component) and suggest recommendations based on our findings.

  • Compliance Audits

    Compliance focus on whether the activities of the organisation have been conducted in accordance with the applicable legislation.  The subject matter, with regard to compliance, qualitative or quantitative information, must be identifiable and capable of consistent evaluation or measurement against the identified criteria (legislation), so that it can be subjected to procedures for gathering sufficient and appropriate audit evidence to support the audit opinion.

  • Internal Auditing

    We aim to promote the organisational objectives and key considerations from the perspective of the stakeholders.  We map the value drivers to help position the organisation for long-term success.

    Our assurance function provides an independent and objective opinion to the organisation on the control environment, by evaluating its effectiveness in achieving the organisation’s objectives. It objectively examines, evaluates and reports on the adequacy of the control environment as a contribution to the proper, economic, efficient and effective use of resources.


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