Ahead Of The Curve

The speed of change is continuously increasing. When societies are in a state of economic, political and social flux, how does this affect your business? Companies need fresh thinking. The ones that get it right will reap the benefits now and far beyond the current horizon of economic slowdown. Highly creative companies break the rules. They don’t conform to the norms and traditions of their industry – instead they look beyond the present and imagine possible futures for their company. They are inspired to steer their business in new directions. Creative companies:

  • Are quick to act.
  • Seize opportunities and are usually the first or second mover in any market.
  • Generate profit through a proactive approach, allowing their brand to capture market share ahead of rivals.
  • Are alert to changes in the external business environment, new technologies, shifts in customer needs, industry trends and competitor actions.
  • Constantly evaluate new possibilities, revise expectations of the imagined future, and formulate fresh action plans to achieve goals.
  • Develop action plans that begin new ventures and grow existing ones.

Who do you look to for inspiration and a clear roadmap for the future?

Middel & Partners believes it is able to breathe life into their clients’ businesses. The firm was recently included in a book titled the World’s Most Inspiring Accountants. This is an extraordinary achievement as we are one of only 57 accounting firms selected from more than 100 000 contestants globally. Founded in 1992, Middel & Partners is a medium-sized specialist firm, led by eight partners with a staff complement of more than 150.

As stated by Steve Pipe, who headed the research team, ‘it is a richly deserved accolade because Middel & Partners really are making a profound difference to their clients, community and the wider world. They have helped numerous clients with growth strategies, helped failing businesses with turnaround strategies, equipped companies to deal with uncertainty and create value for all stakeholders.

Along with the other firms in the book, Middel & Partners are raising the bar for accountants across the world. They are making a difference by serving clients better than ever before. One thing is really clear: the world would be a much better place if more accountants were like them.’

How do we achieve this within your organisation? Middel & Partners goes far beyond mere auditing, tax and accounting. We ensure our clients’ interests are well protected in addition to making forecasts and guiding clients accordingly. It involves the ability to look at the business holistically, assessing its strengths and weaknesses, identifying opportunities and threats, and assigning resources to allow the business to meet its desired goals.

We get to know our clients by spending time with them, working closely together and building mutual respect. We choose our staff well and train them to be an inspiring team that goes the extra mile.

When you need forward-thinking audit, assessment and attestation services, our audit teams have the in-depth knowledge specifically required in today’s complex business environment. Our industry-specific knowledge and breadth of expertise ensure a comprehensive analysis of your business. Middel & Partners’ auditing services are aimed at smaller-cap entities listed on the JSE where we provide bespoke, inspiring and personal services.

With us, you are far more than just a number. Our advisory services are provided to small-, medium- and some of the largest-cap entities listed on the JSE. This is because many of these clients are looking to Africa for growth opportunities. This isn’t restricted to resources – it includes agriculture, banking, consumer goods, infrastructure and telecoms. Middel & Partners is actively helping their clients with strategies into Africa.

Be it planning for future growth, developing and implementing strategic plans, making acquisitions, financial modelling or feasibility studies, our specialist advisors offer timely advice and technical expertise that allow you to make informed decisions, while keeping you and your team’s focus on the day-to-day management of the business. Be inspired.