Other Services

Other Services

Rather than offer clients a standard, readymade package, we believe in offering clients a holistic, tailor made service. We achieve this by gaining an understanding of each client’s business and then developing a unique approach to meet their exact needs. 

We can help you with the following ancillary services:

Company Secretarial Services

  • Registration of new companies
  • Changes to existing company details including: 
    • change of company name
    • change of year end
    • appointment and resignations of directors
    • share transfers, allotments, buy backs and conversions
    • submission of annual returns to CIPC
    • amendments to Memorandum of Incorporation
    • safekeeping of company registration documents
    • maintain and manage electronic statutory registers
    • preparation of statutory minutes

Estate Planning and Administration

  • Drafting of last Will and testaments
  • Advisory services relating to estate planning and estate duty and taxes
  • Administration of deceased estates
  • Preparation of liquidation and distribution accounts
  • Administration of testamentary trusts

Trust Formation and Administration

  • Registration of inter vivos trusts
  • Advisory services relating to trust administration and taxation
  • Acting as professional trustees
  • Accounting services relating to trust administration

Payroll Administration

  • Comprehensive preparation of monthly payroll
  • Submission of monthly PAYE, UIF and SDL returns
  • Maintenance of UIF employee database
  • Submission of COIDA returns
  • Preparation and submission of Bi-annual IRP reconciliations

IT Consulting & Support

  • Installation and sales of computer software and hardware products
  • Installation and sales of Sage Pastel related products
  • Consulting and support on Sage Pastel products
  • Consulting and support for Microsoft related products

Compilation of Financial Statements

  • Compilation of company financial statements compliant with IFRS
  • Compilation of company financial statements compliant with IFRS for SME’s
  • Compilation of financial statements of CC’s, Trusts and Partnerships

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